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Standard - Strong points of the Spanish mastiff breed


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When choosing a dog for yourself, there will always be certain things about its personality that will draw you to a breed. But in case you never had a dog and just don't know what to look for, because you never had this experience, then you are on the right place. Here you will find out everything you need about the process of choosing the perfect breed for you, especially if you like Spanish mastiffs. These dogs are quite big, they love to engage with people they know and are often described as gently giants. But do their other personality traits match what you look for, and what do you actually should be looking for?

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Here are all the answers that you want

First of all, getting a dog is quite serious, they are all not the same, and actually it is much more the case that most of them are quite different. Their body features are visible, so here we won't talk about that, but focus on something much more important - their personality. Most dogs are playful, but that doesn't mean that they are curious or smart, that varies from breed to breed.

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Adaptability is also important and the Spanish mastiff is not that good when it comes to living in apartments. Most of the bigger breeds are like this, they want their own space, a nice kennel and lots of nature and grass around them. A big advantage of having a huge dog is security, yes no one will dare to attack you or say anything that might upset you while you are with your dog. Spanish mastiffs are one of these, and they are quite protective, especially when it comes to strangers and other dogs. But they love kids and are really good around them, they care about them and won't let anyone come close other than the people that he saw already around the kids.